For The Love Of Crush Cars

Crush cars, you have probably heard this term numerous times when it comes to Monster Trucks and their shows & competitions. So what exactly are crush cars for those of you who aren’t sure? Crush cars are the cars crushed in monster truck shows/competitions. And they have actually been around as long as monster trucks themselves. 

The thing about crush cars is that they don’t actually have to be a car! Crush cars also refer to trucks, vans, buses, and other objects used in the Freestyle competition of monster truck shows. Vans and buses are used as a type of stepping stool for monster trucks when performing stunts and tricks within the obstacles. But while crush cars are loved by many monster truck vans, Monster Jam, the world’s biggest and most well-known monster truck show has started to lean away from using crush cars in their shows and instead of using tracks compiled of dirt & tire ramps. And because of doing this, they are facing a lot of controversy. The main reason that Moster Jam decided to steer away from the use of crush cars in competitions & shows is for safety reasons and also to help save money. 

Are Crush Cars A Saftey Hazard?

Crush Cars while fun to watch being crushed and dominated by the monster trucks are also a well-known safety hazard. Sharpnel pieces and other metal pieces often come dislodged and can fly 40-50ft into the stands potentially hurting audience members and other bystanders.  But it’s not just the Monster Jam authorities themselves who dislike the use of crush cars and would prefer to stick to dirt and tire tracks. Monster truck drivers themselves seem to prefer mostly dirt tracks. A lot of drivers feel that the first drivers & trucks to hit the Freestyle course during the show miss out on the destruction of the course terrain. During the Freestyle competition trucks and drivers are doing their best stunts and lots of metal and crush car pieces are scattered about the obstacles making driving harder and more dangerous for the last drivers to hit the course.

While we can all appreciate the safety of ourselves and the drivers involved in monster truck races, we do know that crush cars help to make a pretty good show. And because they have been around since the origin of monster trucks its a hard part to see leave the show. But like we mentioned before the overall safety of all those involved is much more important than watching cars get crushed. With dirt & tire racks becoming the new norm we just may be in for a new kind of monster truck competition.