Ceramic Coatings – The Best Protection For Your Personal Vehicle

In our last article, we talked about crush cars, the excitement they induce, and also their departure from the monster truck competition & show industry.  Flying pieces of metal and shrapnel that come from these cars are serious safety hazards and can really do some damage. That being said, monster truck drivers are used to seeing destruction and lots of dirt. So how do these drivers and other personnel involved with the production of monster truck shows protect their own vehicles from the many hazards that present themselves around the monster truck show/competition terrain?

Protect Your Vehicle With A Ceramic Coating

Many monster truck drivers know the importance of protecting their vehicles when taking them to the monster truck arena. After all, they don’t drive monster trucks like The Grave Digger on open highways. Instead, their trucks get towed or brought to the shows and they drive their personal vehicle. Many of these drivers know how dirty their rides can get and also the exposure they have to various elements. That being said, many drivers have a ceramic coating applied to their personal vehicles. What is a ceramic coating exactly? We spoke with Concours Auto Salon out of San Antonio, Texas. Phil, one of their ceramic coating installation experts gave us the low down. A ceramic coating is a type of nano-ceramic technology that involves applying a clear liquid polymer to the surface of your vehicle. Ceramic coatings bond to your vehicle’s surface creating the ultimate glass-like protective barrier. While factory topcoats are generally thought to be strong, ceramic coatings bond to the porous surface of your vehicle and dry with a level of hardness that surpasses any topcoat. In fact, a ceramic coating offers 3 times the hardness than that of a regular factory topcoat.

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