Monster Truck Mechanics

We have looked at Monster trucks extensively over the years, to see how they are built, what goes into the build of each truck, and of course at all those fancy gadgets and levers within the truck. But what better way to look at a monster truck than through mechanics eyes!

JnJ Auto Service, owner/mechanic Jim, has been interested in Monster Trucks since he was a kid. Growing up alongside this passion he also found he had a love for working on and fixing cars. His ultimate dream was to work on these crazy Monser Trucks he saw at the shows he went to and in the books he read, but when things didn’t pan out in the monster truck world he got serious in the automotive mechanic world. But that didn’t dampen his love for these monster machines. Still an avid monster truck fan, Jim also finds a hobby in understanding their engines and the issues that can go wrong. I mean when you have a 10,000 pound truck with tires as big as your house, the mechanics of them have to be pretty interesting!

3 Key Monster Truck Mechanics

Frame- The frame of your monster truck vehicle is responsible for a lot. It has to be built well enough so that it withstands the rumble and tumble associated with monster truck flips and stunts. These frames are going to suffer a lot of damage and they need to withstand it to keep its driver as safe as possible.

Suspension- Jim knows suspension on standard automobiles but Monster Truck suspension is own beast. As he started to look into the suspension of these trucks he realized that they need at least 28 inches of suspension travel. With all of the other factors and key elements to take into consideration, the suspension on a monster truck can make or break its driving capabilities. Literally!

Axles, Wheels, Tires, Brakes- These key components all collectively work together. If there is a problem with one of them it could lead to or be caused by a problem with another one of these parts. With tires that are 66 in high and 43 in wide and the amount of weight and pressure constantly being put on these machines these parts are likely to break or snap. And you need to be able to fix them quickly & effectively.

While Jim still aspires to at least work on monster trucks part-time at some point in his life he said that there is still a lot to learn. He is a pretty great mechanic but you need to be precise and really know your monster truck mechanics. The safety and well being of the drivers and audience both depend on it.