The Skill To Driving Monster Trucks

When you first thought of possible careers that you wanted to grow up to do, jobs of astronaut, professional athlete, and monster truck driver come to mind. The former two require incredible will and physical gifts that aren’t possible to be done by 99% of the population. Monster truck driving is far less physically involving, Not that it requires no physical skill its just that these physical skills can be developed whereas it is much harder for someone to train to have a vertical of 40”, run a 4.2 second 40 yard time, or deal with the oxygen deprived depths of space and outer atmosphere. However, it’s not as easy as just buying a monster truck. So here’s some advice on how to work your way up to have this dream job.

So You Want To Drive Monster Trucks

  • Get the license

First, and most obviously, you need to get your drivers license. Not the normal drivers license but what’s called a commercial drivers license (CDL) which teaches you how to drive 18 wheelers and other big commercial vehicles. With this you can start your way to becoming a monster truck driver.

  • Get Noticed, Get Acquainted

In order to get your foot in the door, you need to get noticed by monster truck teams. There are often tailgates before the show to meet the teams and stay later and offer you assistance. Whether its just cleaning up or minor tasks like offering your assistance, this can help you institute a positive image with the monster truck teams. Most likely one of these teams will offer you a job as a crew member. With your job you will learn the flow and the day to day life of the monster truck world and life of a driver.

  • Working Your Way Up

You will most likely start as a mechanic for your respective team. From there you will make repairs to the monster trucks and do other tasks to make sure that the monster trucks are in the right order and place to race. If you are good there you will be able to drive in local events where you can build your skills. If you are good enough you will start getting more attention and will eventually be noticed to where you will start driving in a few professional events where the main driver isn’t able to make it. And finally, you will become the main driver for the monster truck team finally achieving your lifetime goal.

If you want to achieve your dream of becoming a monster truck driver start early and introduce yourself to the pros who will be able to get you a position to get your monster truck career started. And while this career takes patience it is more than worth it than when you send your giant truck feet in the air and land on cars to crush and entertain a whole audience of people who want to be just like you.

Favorite Monster Trucks of All Time

Monster Trucks have been around since the early 1980’s and continue to gain and hold theirmonster-jam-finals popularity throughout time.  From Monster Truck Competitions to the famous Monster Jam, these trucks and their drivers are known throughout the world by many. With so many mazing monster trucks to choose from and watch it is hard to say which one is the overall best. We thought to start off our site and for our first post we would highlight some of the top Monster Trucks of all time.  We are talking trucks first built and created in the 80’s to newer trucks that have been created and built in the last few years. Check out our list of amazing trucks and see if they stack up to what you deem as your top monster trucks!

Top Monster Trucks of all Time

  • BigFoot- this monster truck was first built in 1975 and didn’t actually make its public debut until 1979. It is known as the “original” monster truck and is perhaps the founding inspiration in the creation of these trucks. It is both owned and operated by Bob Chandler and as of today there are 21 different BigFoot replica trucks driven in competitions
  • BearFoot- this truck was created in 1979 and also one of the original competitors o the 1980 monster truck circuit. Still to this day it is also one of the most popular monster trucks of all time. It was first built and designed by Fred Shafer & Jack Wilman and went on to win the 1990,1992 and 1993 USHRA( United States Hot Rod Association Circuit) Camel Mud and Monsters Championship.  Bearfoot is also known as one of BigFoot’s biggest rivals!
  • grave-digger-monster-truckGrave Digger- built in 1981 by driver and creator Dennis Anderson he sold the monster truck to USA Motorsports in 1998, although he still drives the truck for them. The team itself currently has 32 monster trucks replicating and running under the Grave Digger name. The truck is also currently powered by a 555 cubic Merlin engine and has 1700 horsepower.
  • Towasaurus Wrex- this monster truck was created in 1988 and was the very first on the monster truck circuit to be based on a tow truck.  The original truck used a 1946 Chevy Tow Truck model, yet is today joined by alter egos Tow Mater and Jethro Tow. The owner and driver is Jeff Bursey and the truck is currently powered by a 428 cubic Chevy engine and is still known as one of the most popular trucks on the monster truck circuit today.
  • El Toro Loco- this monster truck created in 2001 features a 3D body shell and is powered by a 540 Merlin Chevy engine with a Coan 2 speed transmission. It went through a huge truckmonster-truck-el-toro-loco makeover in 2003 and driver Lupe Soza won the World championships as the driver!
  • Max Destruction- this is perhaps one of the most popular and successful monster trucks in the world. The truck was originally named Goldberg because of the marketing collaboration with the WCW( World Championship Wrestling).  It was later changed to Max Destruction when the marketing collaboration ended. The truck is known to land complete back flips and its biggest competitor is Gold Digger!
  • Batman- this truck was created in 2006 and was the USHRA world champion in 2008.  It has also been in 3 Monster Jam finals and won the driving competition in the finals in both 2007 & 2008.  The truck is licensed by DC Comics and owned by Field Entertainment. It is currently powered by a 540 cubic Merlin Chevy engine.

While there are definitely more outstanding monster trucks that deserve to be recognized, these are some of our top favorite. One thing that is great about Monster Trucks is that there is a trcuk that will appeal to mostly everyone’s interest!


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